Vermiponics is the integration of vermiculture with hydroponics utilizing any design, linkage or methodology. 

The term Vermiponics was coined by Dr. Roe, evident in practice, publication (2006) and in trademark (2008).

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Vermiponics, as well as closely related ecologically integrated systems, have been targeted by Dr. Roe as sustainable technologies that are worthy of continued investigation and discussion.

Dr. Roe (and a small CQUniversity Australia research team) have completed RIRDC research projected titled Green roof-tops and self-sufficient fresh food production.  The research focused heavily on multi-trophic food production systems, specifically Vermiponics and Vaquaponics (i.e. Vermiponics integrated with Aquaculture).

Because such technologies are new, there is a lack of quality scientific data, case studies, and independent observations.

However, the term Vermiponics has been widely accepted and is now a commonly used, and the technology has become popular with a number of enthusiasts and researchers.  Hence, as time passes  more information regarding the technologies can be found at various websites.

Dr. Roe hopes that all Vermiponic information is freely shared across the world, and strongly discourages ‘paid consultants’ from damaging the fledgling industry.

Therefore it is encouraged that those interested in these technologies become involved in order to advance the Vermiponic movement and connect and share with a like-minded community.

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