Dr Brett Roe

Dr. Roe was the first to complete a Ph.D. in Applied Science (2005) which investigated ecologically integrated primary production systems at multiple aquatic and terrestrial levels (fish culture, crayfish culture, wetlands design and management, flower production and industrial wastewater). The dissertation, titled Ecologically Engineered Primary Production in Central Queensland, Australia – Integrated Fish and Crayfish Culture, Constructed Wetlands, Floral Hydroponics, and Industrial Wastewater, was accepted by world experts and offers readers insight into Dr. Roe’s research and thought processes.  This Ph.D. dissertation is available immediately (free of charge) in digital format HERE.

Download RIRDC  Vermiponics / Green Rooftop research report (2011) co-authored by Dr. Roe.  CLICK HERE.

Download a critical discussion about Aquaponics in Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses Magazine; the publication is titled Sustainable Aquaponics (Issue 103) and is available immediately (free of charge) in digital format at the magazine website via the following link below.  Type in ‘sustainable aquaponics’ in the search field and it will bring up the article.

Dr. Roe’s Ph.D. research also made him the first to complete a Ph.D. by successfully integrating fish and crayfish aquaculture with hydroponic plant production (utilizing both in-line and recirculating and batch-flow aquaponic designs) that resulted in high quality, market sized products.

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